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Ready to add a screen room to your home? We offer three helpful options for your screen room kit. First, not everybody wants or needs exactly the same size of kind of screen room. We help you create a custom designed screen room kit. We can make the adjustments you need and will make recommendations along the way. Second, our pre packaged standard screen room kits include all the materials you need to install your screen room. You still have the flexibility at a great price to adjust what is needed during installation depending on your projects dimensions. Third, our modular screen room kits are very easy to install. They come pre packaged with the wall sections already assembled, saving you time and effort. Call today 1(888) 814-7531 and we will help you pick the best screen room for your home or project.

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  1. Custom Screen Room

    Custom Screen Room Kits

    Custom designed screen room kits are made based on your specifications. The screen room kit includes all the components needed for installation. Made from heavy duty extruded aluminum parts.
    see our custom designed screen room kits
  2. Standard Screen Room Kits

    Standard Screen Room Kits

    A standard screen room kit comes repackaged with all the components included. Made from heavy duty extruded aluminum. A standard screen room normally includes an insulated aluminum roof or aluminum flat pan room.
  3. Modular Screen Room

    Modular Screen Room Kits

    Modular screen rooms come pre-assembled in sections for faster on site installation. The walls of your new screen room are divided into evenly spaced sections of 4' widths (or smaller as needed). Each section is factory assembled to your measurements and shipped individually boxed. This greatly reduces on site labor, improves quality, and speeds up the screen room installation.
  4. Commercial Carport

    Wall Only Screen Room Kits

    A wall only screen room kit is ideal if you already have an existing patio cover and you would like to enclose it. These screen room walls are available in heights of 8 and 10 foot.
Providing Quality Screen Rooms For Over 20 Years. FACTORY DIRECT PRICING:  We have been designing and installing aluminum screen rooms in the San Antonio Texas area since 1989, nationwide since 1997. We provide low flat rate shipping of our do it yourself screen room kits to homeowners and contractors all over the U.S.A.
We are the leader in prepackaged DIY aluminum screen room kits since 1989. Our Professional installers take pride in helping to design screen rooms based on your specifics. We do not believe that one size fits all and can offer just about any size screen room you need. We believe that by buying a Home Improvement Kit you can Do It Yourself and save MONEY. Our low cost flat rate shipping only does more to help you save time and money.

We are here to help
  • 1. Choosing your screen room: We realize that every installation is different and use our experience to make sure you get the right screen enclosure for your needs, engineered for your location.
  • 2. Ordering your Screened Enclosure: We help every step of the way. Even after you purchase your home improvement kit somebody is always ready to take your call.
  • 3. Shipping and Delivery: We either custom crate your screened in enclosure or it will be delivered on one of our factory direct trucks. When you receive your screen room be sure to note any damages to the shipment on the waybill and call us so we are able to get you replacement parts. Having strong help on hand to assist you is highly recommended for unloading since some of the pieces can be long, bulky and heavy.
  • 4. Screen Room Installation: We have installed hundreds of screened enclosures over the years and our experienced installers are here to answer your questions before, during or after installation. Let us make it easy for you - download the installation instructions and then set up a time for one of our installers to go over them with you. A phone consulation will make getting your screen room installed a breeze! Call today 1(888) 814-7531