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Modular Screen Rooms by James Glasgow

Modular Screen Room

Our Deluxe Modular Screen Rooms come pre-assembled making installation easy!

Modular Screen Room Project  Wall Installation  ::   Roof Installation  ::   Project Overview

Modular Screen Room  (click on images for larger view)

modular screen room afterOur deluxe modular screen room kit comes in large pre-assembled pieces. Each wall panel is custom made to fit your project. The panels are assembled with the screen in place. The framing is aluminum with insulated aluminum panels above and below the screened openings. With the use of pre manufactured modules the typical screen room can be erected by three people in about ten or twelve hours, including installing our insulated roof system. Each wall section is boxed and numbed to correspond with the plans for your project. Plans, and general installation instructions are provided. Along with the installation photos on our web site any competent handy man can direct your projects installation.


modular screen room plansTypically you send us the measurements of the screen room you want. We need the patio or deck size, and the attaching wall height as well as anything special about your project such as roof overhangs, number of screen doors wanted, etc. Photos help us understand what you are working with. We then prepare CAD drawings and send them to you for approval. You approve the plans and send them back. Your screen room modules are constructed as per the CAD drawings and shipped to your home along with the roof system parts if the roof is part of the project. This process can take several weeks.

  Modular Screen Room System Standard Screen Room System
Walls Pre made in sections Component parts
Screen Pre-installed in panels Rolled in place on site
Kick Panel 2” insulated aluminum 16” to 20” high pre-installed Sheet metal surface mounts on site. 16” to 20” high
Top Filler 12” pre installed, angle cut if needed Optional
Framing Extruded aluminum snap lock system, 2” with 3” available, Extruded 2” aluminum
Screen Door (Doors open out, hinge left or right) 36” Deluxe Screen Door pre made jamb, with closer,
36” Deluxe Screen Door
Filler Panels Standard Optional
Cad drawings Yes No
Warranty Aluminum twenty years Aluminum twenty years


modular screen room boxes deliveredMost orders are shipped on common carrier truck lines. Your room kit will come on a large wooden pallet 4' x 12' x 5' or larger. The pallet load is strapped, and shrink wrapped to arrive in good condition. It is recommended that you hand unload the package from the truck a piece at a time and sign the drivers paperwork as “possible hidden damage” if there is even a remote chance that something got damaged in transit. Any freight claim made will be denied without that notation.

The modular screen walls will be numbered to match your installation diagram while your insulated roof (if needed) will come in 4-foot wide panels. Each panel is either boxed or wrapped for protection during shipping.


modular screen room toolsThe photo shows basic tools that are helpful in erecting your room. The critical tools are two ladders, two screw guns (drills), a carpenters square, two tape measures, two quarter inch magnetic drivers, a 4' or longer level, a skill saw, a plywood blade (old worn out one will do) a 1/8” drill bit or two. A caulking gun, a marking pen, a box cutter, a chalk line is helpful, a shop saw is very useful but not mandatory.


screen room modular before
screen room modular after front view
screen room modular after side view
Before the Screen Room
After Installation
Finished  Screen Room

This article was published on Tuesday 08 June, 2010.