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Modular Screen Room Installation - Roof by James Glasgow

Modular Screen Room Roof Installation

9' x 27' Screen room with 10' x 28' Insulated Roof

The project: (click on images for larger views)

screen room modular after side viewOur demonstration installation project is a 9' x 27' screen room with a 10' x 28' insulated roof system. The room is being installed on a ten year old treated lumber deck. The Screen room consist of two walls with the roof mounted to the eave. Because of the roof's valley dumping water onto the roof from two directions the customer was advised that the roof most likely will leak in the corner and that the roof should have a larger slope.

Insulated Roof Step 1:

The roof header is installed on the house wall or on the eave above the screen room walls. In our example we have a side roof header as well as the main roof header because we have corner installation. The header is screwed to the mounting point with 3” screws at about 16” On center. Pre-drilling the header makes the job easier. Try to hit the rafter tails with the screws or a solid connection point. The main header should be level. Chalk the back of the header extrusion before installing. The header has a wide and a narrow flange, the wide flange goes up. Chalk the header after it is up. See photos.

insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
caulk the header
attach back header
attach side header
more caulk - no leaks


Insulated Roof Step 2:

Unpack each roof panel being careful of the sharp edges of the aluminum. Install the roof panel starting at one corner or at a wall as on this job. The first roof panel must be square or the whole roof will be off. Check for Square on each panel as you go see photos. Secure the roof panel from the bottom with four 1/4” x 3./4” Tec screws provided.

insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
unpacking roof panels
square it up
screw it down
1st panel is done


Insulated Roof Step 3:

At the wall end secure the roof panel use the 3.5” roof screws with the 1.5” neoprene and aluminum washers provided. See Photos. Before you screw the roof panel to the top of the front screen wall, check the wall for plumb with your level. Verify the plumb with each roof panel

insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
roof panel attached
attached to front wall


Insulated Roof Step 4:

Caulk the roof seam snap lock before installing the next roof panel. Continue installing roof sections, by snapping the sections together and shoving them into the header. Check for square each time and chalk the snap look on each panel. See photos. Note the bronze scrap header piece on the end of the roof panel in the photos, it is used for shoving the panel into the header without cutting your hands. The last panel gets three 3.5” screws into the front screen wall top and three more into the side wall top.

insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
install more panels
last panel


Step 5:

The gutter and side fascias, and down spouts are the last to be installed. Holes are cut in the gutter for the down spout outlets. The gutter mounting lips slip over the roof panel ends, The gutter is screwed through the lips into the roof panels with 1/4” screws at 2' on center top and bottom. The side fascia covers the gutter ends and is installed last. You will need to trim the side fascia's fins and cut the end of the side fascia to make it work (see photos). Plan this out and think it through before cutting. On this job we did not have a right side fascia and we used a scrap piece of fascia to close off the gutter on one end.

insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
front wall B4 gutter
scrap header pc.
gutter side closed
closed top view
insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
insulated patio cover
side wall B4 fascia
front gutter - side view
side fascia notched
side fascia installed
insulated patio cover
screw gutter to roof
Insulated Roof Step 6:

insulated patio coverFlashing if any (not provided) is installed next, use 1/4” x 5/8” screws to hold the flashing down. Install the seam tape (provided) to cover the seams to help prevent leaks.


Enjoy your new screen room!

Grab yourself an icy cold beverage and pat yourself on the back! oh.. if you have not installed your screen door yet.. get that in right quick then grab yourself another cold beverage. Do not forget to forward pictures of your project so we can help you boast of a job well done - we will put your pics on the site - better yet.. do step by step pics of your job and help out other DIY warriors install their rooms.

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This article was published on Friday 11 June, 2010.