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Custom Designed Screen Room Kits

Screen Walls Kit Includes: Custom walls as needed
Patio Cover Kit Includes: Extruded aluminum side fascias and front gutter, 3" snap-lock insulated aluminum roof panels, one down spout kit, screws, bolts, sealants, sealant tape, one roof panel comes with a 2" x 4" fan beam molded in the panel.

Screen Wall Components Include: Heavy duty extruded aluminum parts to make three Screen Walls, with one screen door. Details below.
Our Price: Call for a Custom Quote!

Stock#  Str-Sre-Custom
Roofing: Insulated 3" Snap-Lock Aluminum Patio Cover
Snow load rating: 30# plus loads per sq. ft.
Custom cut & packaged - Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping

Available Options:

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You can order a custom Screen Room with many options to choose from, such as; Peak style roofs, Insulated roofs prepped for shingles, two screen walls instead of three, screen walls only, for use with existing roofs, more then one door, screen to floor, 2" thick insulated kick plates, dog proof screen, solar screen for privacy, screen roofs, screened in swimming pool covers, screen room with patio cover combinations, and many more options. Fax or e-mail us a drawing of what you have in mind and we will custom quote just what you need. We ship Home Improvement Kits anywhere in the continental US.

Insulated aluminum roof:   The four foot wide snap-lock roof panels make installation easy. The aluminum-foam-aluminum sandwich type roof panel construction makes for a strong roof. No heat transfers through the panels. The roof panels create a flat finished ceiling. The 3" thick insulated roof panels allow for a lower roof slope, which gives you more head room clearance. The panels are strong enough to allow you to walk on the roof should you need to. (2' wide panels are available when needed). The roof''s gutters, fascia, and attaching channel, are made from extruded aluminum. You can even attach cedar boards to our extra strong extruded aluminum roof fascia-gutter, and paint the wood to match your home's trim.

Your patio cover kit includes: the roof panels, fascias, gutter, down spout kit, screws, sealant, posts, with hardware. NOT included, flashing, and special hardware peculiar to your job. 

Screen Wall components Include:  Extruded aluminum heavy duty materials to make Three Screen Walls. Each side wall can be up to 10' tall (from 10' sloping down to 8' or less) and a front wall up to 8' tall. Spacing between the 2" x 2" uprights can be up to 4' apart. The aluminum kick panel is .030 aluminum and can be up to 20" high. One screen door is included. (cut component parts down to sizes need on site


  • Wide Roof Panel Colors; White, Ivory, Sandstone, (tops are white)
  • 4' wide roof panels for easy installation, 2' wide panels are available.
  • Extra strong extruded aluminum fascia and gutter. 
  • Fascia and Gutter colors; White, Adobe, Bronze, Ivory, Sandstone.  
  • The roof attaches to the top of the screen wall, screen walls will support the roof.
  • Your front Wall height should have a  ¼”  drop per foot of projection. (6" to 12" drop) 
  • The extruded heavy duty screen wall framing is available in five colors: White, Bronze, Ivory, Sandstone, and Adobe.
  • Spacing between the 2" x 2" screen uprights can be up to 4' apart. Devide the space up evenly for the best look.
  • Screen Doors are available in White, Bronze or Ivory. Screen doors are available with hinges on the right or on the left when viewed from out side the room. Swing out doors only.
  • Screen doors are heavy duty, have a 1 1/4" aluminum frame, come with the hardware, have five hinges, and are pre-hung.
  • Fiberglass screen material keeps the pest out, improves the view and last for many years, plus it is easy to install or replace should the need arise. 
  • Optional down spout kits, Your screen room kit comes with one down spout kit.  Each kit contains every thing you need to install one down spout. Order an additional down spout kits if you want one on each end or the cover or your cover is over 200 square feet.
  • All aluminum for a rust free long useful service life.  
  • Standard engineering plans are available, custom engineering is available at an additional cost.


  • Fan beam molded into roof panel. 2" x 4" aluminum rectangular tube for running wire out to a light or fan.
  •  Thicker roof panels; from  2" up to 6" thick, in 1" increments are available on special order.
  • Shingles; the roof panels can be ordered with OSB board for the application of roof shingles.
  • Gable style roofs; You can order a gable beam to make a peak or gable style roof.
  • Sky lights; Ski-lites are available that are 8" wide, made from poly carbonate double wall material, they run the full projection of the panel.
  • Solar screen; Solar screen can be ordered to block out more sun or to give privacy to any of your screen wall sections. You can see out but the neighbors only see a dark screen.
  • Insulated kick plates are available; 2" thick in colors to match the walls. Thsy are made from aluminum skins laminated to a foam core.
  • Roof set back beams, roof extentions past the screen room to make an attached patio area are avilable.
  • Screen to floor, or screen to gable, or screen under a sloping roof eave, are all do-able.
  • Doggie doors; can be added to a kick panel area buy first using an insulated 2" kick panel in at least one wall section and then adding the doggie door.
  • Roof only; roof only can be ordered for use on existing walls.
  • Walls only, componet parts to make the screen walls can be ordered for use under existing roofs or between exisiting post.

*Screen walls should have at least a 1' roof overhang on all sides, to prevent to much rain from getting in the room and to protect the screen walls. Do not walk on the overhanging roof area. 18" makes the best looking overhang.

(Spans are measured from the attaching point out to the support post or support beam.) 

Orders normally take 2 to 3 weeks to be delivered to your home or business.  Technical help is available M-F, 10AM-5PM SST 1-888-814-7531