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16' x 22' x 6" Insulated Aluminum Patio Cover or Carport kit

This Insulated Patio Cover Kit Includes
Extruded aluminum receiving channel, side fascias and front gutter with scuppers, 3" snap-lock insulated aluminum roof panels (one roof panel comes with a 2" x 4" fan beam molded in the panel), 3 each 3" x 3" aluminum 10' posts with fasteners, 2" x 4" tubular set back beam, screws, bolts, sealants, sealant tape, (8' post, and roof flashing are optional).
Our Price: $12,046.64
SALE: $8,434.79

Stock#  Str-Pat-1224I
Roofing: 16' x 22' 6" Insulated Snap-Lock Aluminum Cover
Snow load rating: 40# sq. ft. Using 6" deep panels at 14'-10" span
Custom cut & packaged - Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping

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Insulated patio covers are the ultimate in patio roofing, no heat transfers through to the people below. Perfect when you might want to make the patio into a sun room or screen room later. You can walk on the roof if need be to do home maintenance. You can even attach ceder boards to our extra strong extruded aluminum roof fascia and gutter, and then paint the wood to match your homes trim.

Your insulated aluminum patio cover is available with your choice of five fascia colors (white, sandstone, ivory, adobe and bronze), and three roof panel colors (white, ivory or sandstone colors).

Our Insulated aluminum patio cover attaches to your home's wall or eave. The four foot wide snap-lock roof panels make installation a snap. The aluminum-foam-aluminum sandwich type roof panel construction makes for a strong roof. No heat transfers through the panels. The roof panels create a flat finished ceiling. The 6" insulated panels allow for a low roof slope, and gives you extra head room clearance. The panels are strong enough to allow you to walk on the roof should you need to. (2' wide panels are available when needed)

Your patio cover kit includes the roof panels, fascias, gutter, down spout kit, screws, sealant, posts, set-back beam, top brackets with hardware & touch up paint. NOT included, floor anchors, flashing, special hardware peculiar to your job.  


  • This is a pre-engineered system.
  • The systems are designed to the 2000 -2003  International Building Codes and the Florida 2001 code.
  • Standard engineering plans are available, custom engineering is available at an additional cost.
  • The above quotations are based on live load ratings of 40# per square foot and wind ratings of 90 to 100 mph.  Assumes a 14'-10" max span wall to post.
  • Your front height should have a  ¼”  drop per foot of projection. (6" to 12" drop) 
  • The 10' aluminum posts, need to be cemented into the ground at least 2 feet.
  • Optional 8' long post with bottom brackets are available on request, for attaching to decks or concrete patios at the same price as 10' post . Cut post to desired height as needed.
  • The posts attach to the set back beam. Notch the top of the post, set the beam in the notch, drill a hole, and bolt in place.
  • All Beams, Gutters and extrusions over 20' long will be shipped in two pieces with a splice plate (due to the high shipping costs of the long pieces). Full 20+ ft. pieces can be shipped if needed at an additional charge - please call us for details.
  • Optional Set back beam: A 6.75" aluminum "CEE" set back beam can be ordered for extra heavy snow load areas.  A 2" x 4" tubular set back beam is included with your cover.
  • Optional fireplace work around kit can be added to your cover kit.  Note: not needed for this type of cover, just let us know you need to do this and we will included an extra 4' of channel for this purpose.
  • Optional Down spout kits, Your insulated patio cover kit comes with one down spout kit.   Each kit contains every thing you need to install one down spout. Order an additional down spout kits if you want one on each end or the cover or your cover is over 200 square feet.


  • 40 lb./sq. ft. snow load rating, 100 MPH wind rating.
  • Can be used as a screen room or sun-room roof.
  • Fan beam molded into one panel.
  • 2' wide panels available.
  • Can be cut down on site as needed.
  • Fascia and Gutter colors; White, Adobe, Bronze, Ivory, Sandstone.
  • Roof Panel Colors; White, Ivory, Sandstone, (tops are white)
  • Factory Painted Post; White, Adobe, Bronze, Ivory, Sandstone.
  • Set-Back Beam* Color choices; White, Adobe, Bronze, Ivory, Sandstone
  • Post  3” x 3” x 10’ standard for installation in the ground 24"  (8’ post with bottom brackets available on request, no extra cost in exchange for the 10' post)  
  • For  free standing covers see carports.  
  • Covers can be can be cut down to the exact size you need.  Order the larger size than the size you need and cut it down to size on site as you build it.  
  • Custom sizes available just let us know what you need and we will quote it.  
  • All aluminum for a rust free long useful service life.
  • Extra strong extruded aluminum fascia and gutter. 

*Limit overhang of the roof panels to 24" beyond the set-back beam. Do not walk in this area. 18" makes the best looking overhang.

(Spans are measured from the attaching point out to the support post or support beam.) 

Orders normally take 2 to 3 weeks to be delivered to your home or business.  Technical help is available M-F, 10AM-5PM SST 1-888-814-7531