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10' x 18' Steel Carport kit

Steel Carport Kit Includes
  • (2) 18' Channel
  • (6) 10' Cee Beam
  • (3) 4' W x 18' L Steel Roof Panels
  • (4) Steel Posts - White
  • (4) Trim pcs.
  • Screws, Bolts and seal tape
Our Price: $3,224.16
SALE: $2,257.19

Stock#  Hor-Car-10x18-4Steel
Roofing: Steel Roofing on Galvanized Steel Framing
Snow load rating: estimated at 30# Snow load
Custom cut & packaged - Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping

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10' x 18' Steel Carport Designed for commercial use. Our steel covers provide a cost effective, low maintenance way of protecting you vehicles and equipment. Designed for ease of installation and with the use of galvanized and pre-painted materials for long life and lower installed overall cost. Post are aligned with where your cars tires will be so that the car door opening in not inhibited.

Our steel car port covers can be custom configured to achive the desired results.

A standerd size parking lot space is 9' x 18'.  Most carport covers for commercial use are 18' x 18' or 20' x 20' to accomadate two cars. The 9' x 18' or 10' x 18'  or 18' x 18' and 20 x 20' car parking bays maybe arranged in any configuration as needed.

Your carport cover kit includes; white pre-painted galvanized steel roofing,  pre-painted steel trim, screws, sealant, 4 each  pre-painted white 10' posts, and galvanized framing, with hardware. No welding on site is needed, screws and bolts are used to assemble the covers. Thus any competent handy man and his helper can accomplish the assembly task.  (optional: flashing, and special hardware  peculiar to your job). 

Note: Steel covers can be rated for snow or wind loads. Our steel covers are not pre-engineered and you may need to get a local engineer to seal a set of plans if you are obtaining building permits.


  • Standard (NON-STAMPED) plans are available, custom engineering is available at an additional cost.
  • The above quotations are based on estimated live load ratings of 20# to 30# per square foot and wind ratings of 80 to 100 mph.
  • Your front height should have a  ��  drop per foot of projection. (6" to 12" drop) 
  • The 10' Steel posts, need to be cemented into the ground at least 2 feet.
  • Optional 8' long post with bottom brackets are available on request, for attaching to concrete at the same price as 10' post. When post are not in the ground the carport must be attached to a building on one side or end.
  • This cover maybe attached or free standing


  • Factory painted white 29 or 26 gauge galvanozed steel roofing with a 3/4" rib height, (white to reflect heat). Colored panels are available.
  • Factory painted fascia trim in 15 colors.
  • Factory painted post: color white 
  • Galvanized 4" steel framing at 4' on center
  •  3� x 3� x 10�  Steel Posts in white.    
  • (8� post with brackets avilable on request)   use for attached units only.
  • Covers can be can be cut down to the exact size you need. Order the larger size than the size you need and cut it down to size on site as you build it.  
  • Custom sizes available just let us know what you need and we will quote it.  
  • Walk way covers and extentions can be added to the standard covers.

In non-snow regions, covers can span up to 14' in projection before a suport beam is needed.   Covers can project past a set back beam up to 4�

Orders normally take 2 to 3 weeks to be delivered to your home or business.   Technical help is available M-F, 10AM-5PM SST 1-888-814-7531